I’m Off To Europe

A view of the "old train set in the attic" where Andrew and Tom spent many happy hours playing together

A view of the old train set in the attic where Andrew and Tom spent many happy hours playing together

More snow came down during the night. Now it is raining, outside is a big wet slush.

I am glad that I have no errands out of the house today. And tomorrow…. tomorrow I’m off to Europe!

First stop London, where I’ll spend a day with Christine, one of my dearest friends. Christine and I were neighbors when we both lived in an idyllic cul-de-sac where in almost every other house there lived a child or more.
Christine’s children were Edward and Tom. Tom was Andrew’s dearest childhood friend. Together they spent hours playing with Lego or in our attic playing with the big train set.
Oh the wonderful memories… I feel like crying… so, moving swiftly on… where was I… Oh yes; I’ll spend a day in London, from there I’ll fly to Milan and spend a couple of days with one of my Aunts and cousins and then off to Sicily!!!!!

I am hoping, praying, that I’ll spend twelve blessed days in Sicily. It has been a long time since I’ve been to Sicily in Winter, I wonder what it will be like.
Will I see my beautiful kitten again? How much will she have grown? Kittens, puppies… have this disconcerting habit of growing fast, you literally cannot turn around without them growing.

Oh, and the pigeons, what will the pigeons’ coos say in winter? Will their coos be about Cucuzze (zucchine), Andrew or a more seasonal thing like… carciofi (artichokes) or maybe, finocchio (fennel) ?


I started to write this post this morning I was interrupted by a phone call and then… then the day run out of hand.
What was it I said about not having any errands today? Well I didn’t have any errands, but then my friend Elizabeth needed a ride to pick her car up from the mechanic, and given that she is lending me her adaptor and converter so that I can use my laptop and cell phone in Europe, I gave her the ride (I would have anyway).

When I got back I did some laundry, the last load before I go, I ironed every shirt that had been washed and as of now there isn’t a single thing in the laundry or the ironing baskets.

I have been looking forward to this trip for weeks. I have been wanting to get away for a while, why then, on the eve of this well deserved break, I feel all at sixes and sevens?
Why the unpleasant knot in the pit of my stomach?

I want to feel well, well, well!

I want to feel as happy and joyful as I did earlier in the day.
Please… you… beast, leave me alone now. Please, let me be at Peace.


Once in Italy I will not have regular internet access, but I will write as soon and as often as I can.
Please wish me well.

Lots of love


6 thoughts on “I’m Off To Europe

  1. You will have a great time. You may always have sorrow, sadness but you are moving on. You are a great person and all loves you, including your lost son who is still loving you! Cindy

  2. Bon voyage, Esmeralda…

    Please enjoy your trip.

    I started working out with weights again. It’s been almost year. I stopped because I just didn’t feel up to getting up at 5am. Sleeping until 6 was what I wanted. Now I’ve started back again…Saturday, I took out the CD, the Disney Tarzan soundtrack, I used to listen to for my workouts before
    Michael died. I cried through every song!!! Yesterday, I used it again without crying… Grief can be so disconcerting…


    • Wow, I am impressed. I am still struggling with getting up early. And working with weights? I’m sorry, it’s never been my thing. Thank you for the Bon voyage dear friend.
      Hugs… E.

  3. Sicily, you’r almost in North Africa, right by Tunisia in fact where all the big news is right now.
    What amazing events that followed the suicide of Mohammed Bouazizi. The Jasmine revolution.
    Hope you have a great time -should be much warmer than the US.
    a hug

    • Yes, Sicily is not far at all from North Africa. In Summer, in the evening, the intoxicating smell of Jasmine fills the air. I’ll let you know about the weather, it’s been “unusual” everywhere. Thanks for the hug Dave, and a big one to you, Esmeralda

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