From Sicily With Love

Made it to Sicily and…….. it is FREEZING. But then I hear that New York is REALLY, REALLY cold. Oh Dear!

Anyway, having had a bit of trouble getting to Italy, here I am.

I don’t know what it is with me and travel lately, but when after a wonderful day together, Christine drove me back to the airport, we, I, assumed that I would fly from the same terminal where I landed in the morning… But No, no, no!
Terminal four was not the right terminal. But Christine had already gone, and I was left to find my own way to Heathrow’s terminal one. It took a train and a LOT of walking but I got there, in time. Sigh of relief.

Indeed the security line is long, but once through, and on the plane you can relax and get some sleep, I told myself.
Well, think again! Once through security I looked up at the first flight monitor that I came across and… guess what? No? You can’t guess?
I’ll tell you then, my flight to Milan was cancelled. Cancelled!

I almost couldn’t take it!. I closed my eyes and held my face in my hands for a minute, then I took a few deep breath and walked back towards the security area.

More tomorrow.



One thought on “From Sicily With Love

  1. It is not wise for you or I to fly alone! Too many variables where something will not go as planned. I am relieved that you have made it to your destination. Looking forward to the next post as you tell the story…

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