More From Me

I sat down and waited…. and waited.
It was torture, just sitting there, waiting, was torture.
I berated myself for not being better organized. I thought of my cousin in Milan driving to Malpensa to meet me…
I had no phone, no numbers… even if I had a lot of English money on me…
“As soon as I can I’ll call Florentina,” I told my self. The Lufthansa woman who brought me here had told me that when I got to the other Lufthansa desk, in the K area, I would be able to use the phone.

“Excuse me?” I called out after a while to the lady sitting at the small desk in the wheelchair area, (by the way, I don’t know why they call it the wheelchair area since there was no wheelchair in sight).
“Excuse me, how long before my wheel chair comes?”
“As soon as possible,” she replied, shuffling in her chair.
“That’s great,” I said. “How long will that be?”
“As soon as possible,” she repeated.
“Well… can we find out how long, as soon as possible, might be?” I insisted. “Just to have an idea.”
Nodding her head sideways Indian style, she reluctantly picked up the phone and dialled a number.
“It won’t be long,” she said turning back to me once again. ” It’s coming from area E,” she continued,seemingly implying that from area E, the wheel chair would practically appear within the second.
Guess what, it didn’t!

I wondered about my luggage, the suitcase that I had checked in New York and I was supposed to be reunited with in Milan.
“Where was it? Would I see it again?” I asked myself sullenly, then I decided to concentrate on my breathing and do what I could not to spiral into a useless and painful bad mood.

At last, at long last, the much awaited wheel chair and a man pushing it, arrived. Not taking my word for it, we started our journey only after the Indian woman confirmed that I was “his ride” and what my destination was, and as an extra measure, why.

Thank goodness I didn’t attempt to get there on my tired little feet.
Bloody hell, zone K was it miles, MILES away.

To be continued…

By the way, the weather here in Sicily has been pretty awful, cold, gray, wet. I know, I know, in New York it has been snowing almost non stop… but that is New York and this is Sicily, right?
Anyway, being here now has reminded me why I hardly ever come in winter. In fact the last time I came to Sicily in Winter was in 1998, and it was with the whole family then… what a lovely time we had.

I have not seen my wonderful, beautiful kitten, but my Uncle assures me that she is still round and still beautiful.

Bye for now

2 thoughts on “More From Me

  1. I never knew it got that cold in Sicily. I just thought it was always warm. Hope the weather clears up for you. I am heading for Florida. Its warmer there. LOL

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