From Sicily With Love – Part Three

I felt a bit sorry for the man pushing me and pulling the cart with my hand luggage at the same time.
Along the way, I discovered that you can get to the head of almost any line if you are in a wheelchair, as we did when we got to Immigration.
Thankfully the officer didn’t find it necessary to ask me any questions, and after examining my European Union passport, he waved me through with a smile.

“How odd,” I thought. “To have to go through Immigration without having gone anywhere – Still, whatever.”

Coming out through the – Nothing To Declare – exit, I thought that the Lufthansa desk would finally be in sight… but, no. Indeed, I soon saw a K sign in the distance, but when we got there, we had to make a left, then a right and walk down a long corridor, make a right at the end and… there it was.
“S…t,” I hadn’t expected the long line of passengers, like me, wanting to re-book their flight.

“I am not sure if we can’t jump ahead here,” my escort told me as though reading my mind, as he pushed to the head of the line. “People might get upset,” he explained.
Still, when it came to it, the man whose turn it was, gestured for me to go ahead. I thanked him with a big smile.

I was booked on the 8:40 flight to Milan Malpensa the following morning. Lufthansa provided me with the use of a telephone and I immediately called Florentina. I knew that she had everybody’s numbers and she could call my Cousin and Aunt in Milan to explain the situation. Alas she did not answer her phone. I tried Hugh in NY next and he was not in either! The F word tried to come out again, but I forced it back down where it boiled and bubbled for quite a while.

I was tired, I was fed up, I wanted to go to bed and sleep. Lufthansa did put us up in a hotel for the night and supplied everybody with a bus ticket to the hotel and back to the airport, but it was a while before I reached the hotel and when I did, being the last one-off the bus, I had to wait in line at the check in desk for a long twenty minutes.
What a long, long day. The laughter filled hours with Christine seemed like a dream now…


PS I wanted to tell you that I heard the pigeons again this morning, they are calling out for cucuzze (zucchine), I don’t think they realize that cucuzze don’t grow in winter. I would have expected them to be more seasonally savvy. Oh well, maybe they are as confused as the rest of Nature.
A domani


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