Part Four- From London To Sicily

Wow, it is almost time to leave and I am still writing about my journey here.

Anyway, the Ibis, hotel where I spend my Limbo night, was pretty shabby. The bed pillows were the nasty kind that made your head bounce off, not having toothpaste, toothbrush nor a change of…. clothes did not help either.
I fully expected to be able to get an emergency kit at the desk, but the receptionist assured me that they had no such kits available:
“The airline should have given it to you.”
“Well they didn’t. And I’ve never been in a hotel where such basic things like toothpaste and toothbrush are not available.” I am sorry to say that I had lost my sense of equanimity, the receptionist though, didn’t seem to be to too bothered.

I walked in away in huff without saying thank you. Near the hotel entrance I saw a vending machine where a tube of Acquafresh cost two pounds and a tooth-brush three Pounds. Having given a two-pounds tips to the man who pushed me all around Heathrow Airport, I had only four Pounds left:
“If I get the toothpaste I can use my finger to clean my teeth. It is better than nothing,” and so I went for the Acquafresh.
I had two Pounds left, I used one Pound to go on the internet and kept one, just in case.
One Pound gave me twenty minutes on the internet, more than enough time to email everyone to let them know what had happened, where I was and, more importantly, when I would get to Milan, after that I went to bed.

Eventually morning came and with that a different energy. I got to the airport and on my flight without any trouble. To make it even better, the plane was not even half full and I had a whole row of seat to myself. Immediately after take off, I laid down and slept all the way to Milan, where my dear cousin Alberto was waiting to meet me. I was so happy.

In Italy once again.


Meanwhile in Paceco lots of people have the flu. They cough and sneeze in their hands, making me desist from shaking hands with anybody. But I am well, my childhood friend, Caterina, with whom I spend a lot of time, is also well, and yesterday we drove to the salt pans of Nubia, a WWF protected area, to see the sunset.
I was moved to tears by the breathtaking beauty and peace of the place.
Oh, my beloved Sicily!

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