Yoga In Sicily

I just wanted to let you know that I am working on a week of Yoga, Meditation and alternative healing here in Sicily in May.

I will write more, but now I have to leave the computer.



9 thoughts on “Yoga In Sicily

  1. Dear Esmerelda,
    I stumbled on your posting while searching for yoga opportunities in Sicily this May. Will be in NW Sicily, near Erice, and then in Agrigento about the second week of May, and would love to practice yoga with others (will be traveling on my own). Please let me know what your plans are, and if I might take some classes. Namaste, Karlie

    • Dear Karlie, I am so excited that you are going to Sicily. I don’t often hear of people going to Sicily, what takes you there?
      Alas our dates don’t match, I will be there May 21 to 30. I will go again in the summer where I am working of bringing yoga to free beach of Marausa. Marausa is between Trapani and Marsala, right by Birgi airport. It is beach unknown to anyone other than the locals, it is unspoiled, un-crowded… i LOVE IT.
      Tell me more about you (if you want) Om Namah Sivaya, Namaste, Esmeralda

      • Dear Esmirelda,
        I’m sorry for not returning your posting; I just thought to return to your blog, and there is your response! Yes, I’m sorry that our dates don’t match, as I would love to meet up with you in Sicily.

        My journey takes me to Sicily as a part of a long love affair with Italy. Though not Italian, I feel it is in my bones! I’m very excited to visit the temple of Aphrodite in Erice, which is one of the main reasons I’m returning to Sicily. I have a small chocolate company, Aphrodite’s Attic, in Seattle, and have long been inspired by Aphrodite’s archetypal influence.

        In Seattle, I also teach yoga, which is another reason I hoped to meet up with you in Sicily–to be reinspired! To share a sacred practice in a sacred place.

        Lastly, I was touched to see much about suicide prevention no your blog; gave me goosebumps, in fact. I lost my father to suicide when I was a young woman (17) and have struggled with its legacy. For the first time, my mom and I will go to a survivors’ event in Portland in April. I’m sure that yoga has played a major role in my own healing, and I’m really encouraged that you have integrated your personal healing into your work as a teacher. That’s inspiring to me.

        I send blessings from the west coast and hope to meet up with you someday!

        Namaste, Karlie

      • Karlie, here is a big, big hug. I would have loved to have met up with you in Sicily. Let’s stay in touch. Esmeralda
        ps. you should look up Dempsey Rice who lost her mother to suicide when she was 18. She made a documentary called “Daughter of Suicide”
        Sadly the father of a friend of mine died of suicide last week. How is your mother? xoxox

  2. Esmerelda,
    A big hug returned to you!
    I will look up the documentary; that is of interest to me. In all of these years, I have done very little to connect with other survivors, and I think this is a healing process for me. It has been quite an isolating experience, not to connect with others who have experienced this very unique form of loss.

    My mother is doing quite well; at the time of my dad’s death, they had been divorsed for about six years, but her loss was still very real. We are planning to enter mother-daughter therapy in just two weeks to continue the grief process with the containment of someone I know to be a skilled therapist, a true wise woman and mother. My mom is now open to some grief work, and I’m really grateful to be walking that path for the future of my family.

    Am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend’s dad. If I could be of any support, your friend could contact me at

    Blessings, light, love, Karlie

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