Goodbye Sicily

I had my last pizza last night. The last for this visit, that is.
Ditto for the ice cream, my favourite, delicious combination of nocciola and pistacchio – hazelnut and pistachios. It was my friend Caterina’s birthday yesterday, and to celebrate she bought a kilo of ice cream. Yum!
From now until my birthday on March 15, we will be the same age, after that, I will be a year older, again. Still, there are a few weeks between now and then.

For my last lunch of this visit, my mother is making me baccala’ fritto, sauted salt-cod, a speciality of the mediterranean.
I LOVE it!
I haven’t had any for a long time and I am looking forward to it. Lunch will be followed by the usual espresso. I have had far too many little espressos while in Sicily. But is so good, and it is the standard thing to offer someone who comes to visit.

My luggage is almost packed, I will finish it after lunch in plenty of time for the 4:30 airport departure.

I look forward to being in Rome with my daughter this evening, my beloved cousin and some of my best friends. But I am sad to leave.
I said goodbye to Franco, I was fourteen when we met, he is one of my oldest friends. I cried when he left. Franco gave Florentina her first teddy bear when she was only a few weeks old. That Teddy bear, named Jackalyn (yes Jackalyn) by Florentina, is, with Bruno, one the book’s protagonists.
(Talking of Bruno, did I tell you that he/it is going to the Bologna Book Fair in March? It is so excting!)

Caterina will come in a while and stay with me until it is time to leave. She too is one of my oldest and dearest friends, I will miss her, but I remind myself that I will come back.


PS. I just finished lunch. Delicious! I had my espresso and I am slightly more awake, although I would still love to take a little nap if I had time. But I don’t. I have to finish packing, strip my bed….

Ciao, Arrivederci, A presto…

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