News Update

Left my amazing daughter and the glorious, warm sun in Rome and am back in good old freezing New York.

When I came out of Newark airport I had a shock. It’s not like I am not used to the cold, but… my breath almost froze in my lungs and my ears tingled in the biting wind “Hello New York” I said to myself.

Whichever of my windows I look out of, I see snow-covered grounds.

I haven’t left the house since I arrived a couple of days ago, catching up from being away three weeks and jet lag take their toll. Sleep has become such an issue these days and jet lag does not help.

Anyway, here I am. I am thrilled to be suddenly working on several projects, although there are times when I feel overwhelmed.
I am working on something similar to the Get Your Wellness On Fair to be held in Paceco, Sicily.
I do beg you to try to fully get your head around this. Let me try to help you understand… Sicily is… or better still, Sicily is not the West Coast of the USA, Sicily is NOT California! Indeed not.

What on earth are Yoga and Meditation they wonder?

“It worked well in New York,” I explain showing pictures of the Fair in Washington Square Park.

“Ah Well, Paceco is not New York,” my mother and some of my friends remind me.

I am aware that Paceco is not New York, so what?!

This is where we are so far:

Dr. Weng, Lisa Levine and myself will fly out May 20th with Island Express via Reykjavik to London (crazy right?), and then on to Sicily where we will stay until May 26.
We don’t yet have a place where to do Alternative Healing, but I am sure that we will find it, I hope!
We do have a nice friend of a friend who will drive from Catania on the other side of the Island, to be our driver, isn’t that nice? Oh, and he will borrow yoga mats and likes from his friends and bring them over for us to use. Yay!

So that’s where we are at so far, vis-a-vis Sicily.

Then there is Bruno. I really need to settle down and finish revising the book because on March 28 Bruno is going to the Bologna Book Fair in Italy and I may have to go with him.

And of course it is time to start gearing up for the “Get Your Wellness On” Fair in Manhattan, plus I have been contacted by someone in Texas who would like to organize one there.

So, this might be a good moment to say welcome to anyone out there who would like to join our amazing team.

Welcome and I look forward to hearing from you, SOON!



P.S. The rest of my stay in Rome was fabulous, sweet, wonderful in every way. Florentina is enjoying her work, her new friends and everything, but she misses us and like us, she struggles with Andrew’s death every day.
Oh Andrew, my baby, you had no idea, did you?

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