Is My Andrew Really Dead?

There are moments, many, when I ask myself; how, when, why…

When I ask myself “Is it true? Has this really happened? Is my Andrew really dead?”


6 thoughts on “Is My Andrew Really Dead?

  1. Hi E,
    No..your Andrew is not really dead. He is back in heaven, filled with light and his love for you. And he is within your head, in your thoughts, in your deeds. This road is a bumpy one, but he is not leaving you..he is there for you. Reach out and give him a hug. Bet he will hug ya back. Love to you…and hoping you find his spirit sitting beside you, in you. hugs, napmate

    • Hello there, Dear napmate – I had been wondering where you’d been, I missed you. You know dear friend, I read through the lines that you are better and that makes me SO happy. Last night I dreamed that Andrew had put on a CD for me, and when it started playing some of the words, sung with amazing passion were:
      I love you, I love you, I love SO much, I’ll always love you.
      I knew he was dead, and I knew he wanted to reassure me. He also did his CD every time I got in the car yesterday. Big hug from your NY napmate. Must take one of those today 😉

      • Andrew is NOT dead. he is over to the spirit side and waiting for you. If you ask him to stay with you, he will. I have been talking to my Andy for awhile now. He is very much here..angels are real, and are there for you..believe….it is the secret. He will come if you ask. I promise! love ya
        the dream and the cd is Andrew..communicating to you. He is not dead…there is no such thing really.

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