Operazione Sicilia

August 2010 - With one of my oldest friends in "Marausa, Sicily. The Island of Levanzo" can be seen in the background

August 2010 - With one of my oldest friends in Marausa, Sicily. The Island of Levanzo can be seen in the background

I am really encouraged by the interest that my Sicilian project, or as I like to call it :
“Operazione Sicilia” (it does sound grand, doesn’t it?), has generated.

Just to remind you, I am working on bringing yoga, meditation, alternative healing to Sicily, or at least to my part of Sicily, Paceco – Trapani on the West coast of the Island.

The current plan is to be there with my friends Doctor. Mei Jen Weng (see Wengsacupuncture), and Lisa Levine of Maharose, from May 21 to May 26.

And now I am also playing with the idea of going back the second half of July, spending the rest of the summer in Sicily and offer yoga classes followed by meditation at the beach of Marausa.

I can just see it… in the afternoon, yoga mats open on the sand, facing the Egadi Island… Ancient Erice looking on… The sun begins the set, we go from yoga to meditation….

Oh, just thinking about it feels sssooo gggoooddd.

But now I am on Bruno deadline.



8 thoughts on “Operazione Sicilia

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I am moving to Sicily in March 2012 and am hoping to find people who share my appreciation for spirituality, meditation and well being.

    I am glad to have found your website. How is the project going? I might come knock on your door in 3 months if it is still active.

    If you know of any village or city in Sicily that has a strong energy, please do let me know. I can’t wait to discover the island and its people.

    Thank you


    • Hello Jessica. How interesting that you are moving to Sicily. How did this come about? Whereabout in Sicily will move to and from where?
      I was in Sicily three weeks and will be there again in May for a few days. Keep in touch, Esmeralda

      • I am from montreal, canada and decided i should live in a warm sunny place where people around me would speak italian and care for food.

        I am involved with Art of Living here in Montreal and will go visit the center in palermo. I arrive in a few weeks (!)
        I would be glade to here of other initiatives while im there

        Take care Esmeralda

  2. Hi Esmeralda and Friends! Hope you are all well.
    I left Sicily 10 days ago and am trying not to let the It’s Absence sadden me.
    I’m in Lazio right now helping on an organic farm and it is great. but I miss the Sicilian ways, the beach, the people, and the meditative state that I had in Canada but which is hard to find in Sicily.
    I still have time to give, si i am interested in this project of yours. but soon enough I will also need to think of a way to sustain myself. cioè eat and put a roof over my head.

    Let me know what your plans are and in what way you would need help. I would like to help lift your project.


  3. And Yes I speak Italian, I have my citizenship also 🙂 I studied Environment and development in Canada and my strenght is people and food sustainability, although in italy this subject takes on a whole new meaning. . .

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