Yoga, Meditation & Alternative Healing At Marausa Beach – Sicily

About a mile from "Marausa Beach"

About a mile from Marausa Beach

Maurizio's "Pizzas - Paceco"

Maurizio's Pizzas - Paceco

"Marausa with Erice" in the background

Marausa with Erice in the background

As I have mentioned, I am working on bringing yoga, meditation & alternative healing to Sicily.

My beloved Marausa is where I will be based.
If you are interested in knowing more about the area, if you want to join even, below is what I found on the web about Marausa. It’s accurate, I checked.

Oh, and should you be interested in renting a house from where you can walk to the beach any month of the year, let me know, I have just found one.


Beaches! Between May and October the beaches and waters of Marausa warm up and positively scorch in July and August. In summer months there are outdoor basketball championships in the local square, together with beach-volley tournaments in Lido di Marausa. Local performers sometimes stage outdoor plays in the square in Marausa, or the seasonal stage by the Torre di Mezzo lighthouse by the coast in the Lido. Speedboats can be hired from the seafront marina and the local Residents assiciation often organise events for the family on the local beaches in summer.
Further afield, open-air concerts are held in Paceco and up on the top of Mount Erice in the medieval square in summer months. Every Easter Trapani hosts ‘I Misteri’ a world famous procession of carved wooden statues depicting Christ and other religious figures in a 3-day festival.

Club Nautico Marausa – Marina (Boat Mooring, Hire and Servicing), Next to the bar on Marausa Lido seafront].
The place to hire small boats from, or moor your own while you stay. Friendly owners.
ASD Volaturi Vela Club (Wind Surfing School), C/da San Teodoro, Marsala, ☎ +393385049616, A friendly locally run windsurfing school where you can take one or many lessons. Operates south of Marausa, towards the Airport and Mozia – collection by minibus by arrangement.
Nonsolo Cicli (Tutto per Auto – Moto – Bici), Via E.Rinaldi, 33 – Marausa 91020 (TP), ☎ +390923841239.
A friendly bicycle hire shop.

Local History & Culture

The area now known as Marausa has been inhabited since ancient times by first Carthaginians and then Romans. Archaeological evidence supporting the presence of these ancient inhabitants is regularly unearthed by local farmers when they plough their land – particularly now they use mechanical ploughs that dig deeper. The most comment traces are fragments of painted terracotta pots and remains of stone tombs.
It is believed that the first people to give a specific name to this area were the Arabs and that they were mostly shepherds. Accordingly, the modern name of Marausa is believed to derive from “Mara U Zack” which translates roughly as “poor pastures” or “meagre pastures”.
From old maps it is known that like Nubia, Marausa was historically a rather marshy plain. However, over the centuries, the River Birgi has carried debris and sediment with floodwater and lifted the entire area by several metres and created very arable land suited to vines, pumpkins, melons and other fruits. The first officially confirmed residents of Marausa lived in the ‘Torre di Mezzo’ on the coast. Only a handful of historic buildings now remain in Marausa.
Torre di Mezzo

After waves of Turkish barbarian incursions and attacks during the early 1500’s, the Viceroy of Sicily decided, in 1584, to employ Florentine Camillo Casigliani to design a series of coastal fortifications in the form of 150 watch towers along the island’s coast. During the day they would alert neighbouring towers and towns of impending attacks by flashing mirrors, and at night, via fireworks. The plans would see residents abandon their towns for the relative safety of the island’s interior.
The watch tower at Marausa was built in the 16th century and was originally called “la Torre di Santo Stefano di Alca Grossa” (St. Stephen’s Tower of Great Auk) – because it overlooked the shallow archipelago then home to the (now extinct) bird that is known to have migrated in winter to this part of the Mediterranean in both the 15th and 17th centuries. The tower became known locally as ‘la Torre di Mezzo’ (the Middle Tower) because of its geographical position between the Towers at Nubia and San Teodoro.

In 1619, the Torre di Mezzo was the first tower to become operational. After a period of disuse in the 20th century, it once more became operational under first the German, then Allied command during World War II. The Guardia di Finanza (Customs & Excise) took up residence for a few years after the war ended, but the tower fell into disrepair in the early 1970s.
In the early 1990s la Torre di Mezzo was restored and opened varyingly for brief periods as a local museum, art gallery and cultural information point. Since 1989, a summer stage has been occasionally erected alongside the tower, with local bands and drama groups offering entertainment in summer evenings.
However, as of 2011, the tower is in much need of repair and love. Weeds grow from this 491 year old monument and the tower could very much do with being restored to its former glory and given an appropriate community or touristic use.

Vecchia Chiesa

The collapsing ruins of the ‘Vecchia Chiesa’ (Old Church) lie 100m from the A29 motorway flyover and junction. Although the walls still stand, the roof has long since collapsed and the masonry is now flaking too.


The recently restored 17th century ‘Bevaio’ (Drinking Trough) lies away from the modern Marausa – 100m west of the Vechia Chiesa towards the coast. The Bevaio was provided by the St. Francis of Assisi Monastery in Trapani for the collective use of the animals grazing the monastery owned pastures of Marausa.

Sunken Roman Cargo Ship

In the summer of 1999 a group of divers identified the remains of one of the most interesting relics found in Italian waters. A large sunken ship from the Roman era was discovered at a current depth of just 2 metres off the coast of Marausa Lido.
The evidence of goods discovered on board date the sinking to the second half of the third and early fourth century AD and confirm the boat as a cargo ship. Given the proximity to the coast, it is believed that the cargo was recovered shortly after the sinking. The remaining amphorae that have since been recovered from around the wreckage may have been thrown out at the time of the sinking and therefore not found at the time of the original recovery. The shipwreck could have been caused by the shallowness of the water, combined with the rocky outcrops just under the surface.
The bulk of the load refers to fragments of at least three types of amphorae. These types can be dated to between the second half of the 3rd and first part of the 4th centuries AD. The ceramic food bowls used by the ship’s have been easily identified as African culinary pottery dating from the end of the 2nd century AD.
San Francesco Harbour
Porto San Francesco is the full name for the old semi-abandoned harbour of Marausa that sits alongside the saltpans. Once home to a large fishing fleet the port’s use declined into the early 1970s and now is home to only a few battered private fishing boats and pleasure craft. Plans are afoot to restore the old harbour walls and create a new shallow marina with residential complex.

In the town of Marausa, the local shops comprise: bakery, supermarkets, electrical, hardware, post office, internet cafe, toyshops, gardenware, books and gifts, groceries, off licence, cycle hire shop, bank and 2 ATMs, and a pharmacy. There are three Petrol Stations (Esso, IP and API). A church, public square, public telephones and several bars.
In summer months, local businesses serve the houses in the Seaside resort with mobile shops in vans selling fish, vegetables, meat and other groceries. On the other side of the bridge over the motorway, you’ll find a couple who farm a large piece of land and sell their delicious produce by the side of the road for a fraction of the supermarket prices.
Trapani, Marsala and Paceco have many more shops than Marausa, as well as street markets, fish markets, diving shops, clothing etc – so head there for greater shopping options.
Roadside Grocers, nr Marausa Railway Stn, Strada Provinciale, Locogrande (Over the motorway flyover on SP21, before the Cantina and on the right-hand side). Delicious vegetables, fruit, herbs and other natural groceries grown in the fields alongside the road and sold direct to you by the farmer and his family for less than the supermarket price. Shop Local!

Babilla Store – Cards, gifts and novelties for the home.
Supermercato ISSIMO – Moderate sized Supermarket run by three friendly sisters.
Supermercato Morello – Small sized Supermarket with friendly staff.
Vin D’Honneur – Small Bottega selling local food delicacies and wines.
TotoEdicola Cartolibreria – Newsagent. Books & gifts. Fax and internet service.
Panificio D’ANGELO – Forno a Legna (bakery).
Pescheria Bertolino – (Fishmongers) Fresh fish caught locally.
Mascelleria da Nicola – Local pork Butchers.
Carni Locali – di Peppe Alcamo – Local livestock butchers prepared by a local family.
OrtoFrutta – Le Delizie – Green Grocers, Fruit & Veg, wine, oil, cheese and olives.
Farmacia Dr Guiseppe Casuccio – Pharmacy/Chemists opening daily and part of the 24 hour local rota.
There are several other small shops and services in Marausa such as the DIY Store and Garden Centre opposite the primary school and Esso Station; two Electrical and Domestic outlets, a Tobacconist, Gent’s Barber, Doctor’s Surgery, Solicitor, Architect & Interior Design Agency, two Motor Mechanics and a Building Merchant’s Yard.

Nearby Paceco has the BEST pizzas & ice-creams!!!!

Photographs courtesy of the author

9 thoughts on “Yoga, Meditation & Alternative Healing At Marausa Beach – Sicily

  1. Thanks for all this information!! Love it. I can’t make it during the time you will be there, but my plan is to visit the area this year for sure. One half of my family is from Sicily as well. Again, great information! I’ll miss you by 5 or so weeks! Sometime in the future our paths will cross in Sicily.
    love, hugs and blessings

    • Hi there. It would have been SO nice to meet in Sicily, can you imagine? You just reminded me I owe you an email. I’ll be back. Love, Esmeralda

  2. If you take me I promise to pull my weight by sitting in the hot tub and meditating for world peace while everyone else is setting up the event. Well, someone has to do the internal work and I’m willing to sacrifice.

  3. Hello there,

    We rent our families houses out to international tourists visiting Marausa and Marettimo and would love to discuss the possibility of sending our guests to you for yoga classes if they are interested.

    Please get in touch with us as soon as possible.
    Regards, Franc

    • Hi Franc, great to hear from you. Where are you based? Please tell me more and please give me a landline where I can call you. Best, Esmeralda

  4. We are the get2sicily(d0t)co(d0t)uk people. Our contact details are on our website and we are building good links with local businesses so that tourists benefit from seeing the real Sicily, and locals make a decent income. Drop me an email and we can talk.

    I can also let you know who did all the painstaking historical research for the wikitravel entry for Marausa….

    A presto, Franc

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