“I Used To Smoke,” I Said.

Between going to yoga first and therapy immediately afterwards, Tuesdays are becoming my “proactive” healing days.

I had wondered how talk therapy, as I call it, would help. I mean, it’s not like I am the type who doesn’t talk!

True, I can happily be quiet, silent in fact, for long periods. But talking, chatting away, has never been a challenge for me.
When I am in the flow, I talk like when I am writing, and I enjoy it.

So, naturally, that bodes well for talking therapy.

Take yesterday for instance, my second session with this great (I acknowledge) therapist.

“I had someone in here who smoked,” she said, getting up quickly after we had sat down. “I don’t mean that she was smoking in here,” she explained closing the window that had been open just a notch. “But the smell of cigarette smoke around her…” she trailed off.

“I know…,” I said sympathetically. “I used to smoke. In fact I stopped smoking five years ago yesterday.”

Such an innocent remark!

except that in therapy, a remark, innocent though it may seem, will likely lead to a whole archeological excavation.

I was surprised when she gently announced that time was up. Had it really been an hour since I had casually mentioned that I too used to smoke? Wow!

“Same time week?” she said.

“Same time next week,” I nodded, fully involved now in my therapy.

4 thoughts on ““I Used To Smoke,” I Said.

  1. Don’t have much to say about this – don’t know much about therapists but I absolutely love the term you used: “a remark, innocent though it may seem, will likely lead to a whole archeological excavation” What a writing ability you have. Keep it up.

    BTW – you really need to start practicing “Solo yoga” at home by yourself. If you every try it you will understand the benefits. Not instead of, but in addition to your yoga class. Look at me! – so full of advice. LOL

    . . ./J

    • Nice to hear from you and thank you for your generous words about my writings, I do appreciate them.
      As for the solo thing… there are many things I enjoy doing on my solo 😉 but yoga… anything physical.. well I need a push. xox

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