Can You See Yourself There?

A view from Erice of the Egadi Islands

A view from Erice of the Egadi Islands

A friend of mine sent me this amazing picture. It is amazing isn’t it? Thank you for sending it to me!

This picture was taken from the steep road to the ancient mountain top town of Erice.

You can tell how strategically valuable that mountain top was at the time of the Punic Wars that were fought in the Mediterranean waters below, when Sicily was part of Magna Grecia.

On a clear day, from atop that mountain, you can see all the way to Africa.

Those days long gone, the placid waters of this evocative sea, are still flowing their eternal flow.

The Egadi Islands, Princesses Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, beloved daughters of their Mother Queen Sicily, sit close together imbuing their stretch of sea with their Regal blend of Sicilianity.

The sickle-shaped coast of Trapani is to the right, and further, quite a bit further to the left, right across from the Islands, is Marausa!


That natural, unspoiled and unknown sandy beach is where I learned to swim and dive when I was a child.

Marausa, is where I have spent virtually all of my summers since childhood. And that is where we are going to be doing our “thing” from May 22 to May 28.

Acupuncture with our very own Dr. Weng. Breathwork and meditation with Lisa Levine, QuiGong with Raffaella Ruschena. The Hatha yoga instructor is still to be “nominated”

Can you not see yourself doing yoga and meditating upon those magic shores? I can, and I’ll be there.

Can you not hear yourself breathe, talk and sigh long into…. (however long you like) with your new and old friends?

I can, and I’ll be there.


2 thoughts on “Can You See Yourself There?

    • Thank you. I am really looking forward to it. By the way, why don’t you become a fan of Casa Om on facebook
      love, E xox

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