Barriers For The Golden Gate Bridge Are A Must!

Luckily this young man is talked out of "jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge" by a California Highway Patrol officer

Luckily this young man is talked out of jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge by a California Highway Patrol officer

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco

I am posting this important call for help from a reader and friend from San Francisco.
Please join me in signing the petition to have barriers built on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
One signature at a time and together we may save lives
Thank you,

Dearest Esmeralda,

As you likely know, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is the #1 suicide magnet in the world. SEVENTY SIX YEARS and over FIFTEEN HUNDRED LIVES later, there is still no barrier. At an average of every 10 days, someone takes their life by jumping off this bridge. There is not an accurate count, as the GGB district will not confirm suicides unless they are personally witnessed. In the case of my daughter’s friend, Casey (age 17,) although she left a note, the family car was found at the bridge, and there was a video of someone matching her description jumping, they will not confirm, therefore in the eyes of the US Government, Casey is not dead….no death certificate.
What does this mean you ask? It means her parents will acquire layers upon layers of scar tissue, attempting to heal wounds that will continuously be split open by things such as Jury Duty Summons followed by a bench warrant for her arrest….where they will need to spend hours upon hours on the phone getting nowhere, as they are unable to provide any proof of Casey’s death.

Since Casey’s death on Jan 29, 2008, it has been Rachel’s mission to put an end to these tragedies. Using Facebook as her tool, she created groups, resurrected dormant sites, renewed hope and began to raise awareness amongst her peers. Along with “The Bridgerail Foundation” and other survivors of GGB suicides, as well as the 2006 controversial Documentary “The Bridge”, a barrier was approved. HOWEVER, there is no funding available as The GGB, Hwy and Transportation Dist, Board of Directors has set a policy that a physical suicide barrier will not be built using GGB toll dollars or within the organization. The construction will have to be funded with a combination of potential state or federal grant funds and public donations. The cost?..Over $50 million. Personally, I feel the approval was only an act to hush us, as the pressure was becoming rather intense.

As Congress is re-authorizing the National Transportation Bill this year, Dayna Whitmer who lost her child to the GGB, has created a petition urging Congress to allow state and local districts to provide federal funding for physical suicide deterrents. So far, only 317 signatures, but hey!, it’s a start.
Would you please consider posting the link to the petition on your blog urging your readers to sign this petition, and of course, sign it as well? If this passes, we could save SO many lives.
Thank you Esmeralda.

Much Love,

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2 thoughts on “Barriers For The Golden Gate Bridge Are A Must!

  1. Dear E,

    Many thanks for posting. I would also like to share these links with you and your readers. The first is an incomplete list of the souls who have taken their lives from the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s quite powerful, as it speaks volumes when you see this on a page rather than reading or hearing the number “1500”. Please take the time to read over the other pages as well. Dayna Whitmer put her heart and soul into the website and it is certainly worth reading.

    Another very informative article published in the NY Times…again worth reading:

    Richard Seiden, professor emeritus and clinical psychologist at UC Berkeley performed a study in the 70’s on 515 GGB would-be jumpers who were prevented from their demise, proving the impulsivity of suicide. Out of these 515 individuals, a staggering 94% NINETY-FOUR PERCENT, went on to live normal healthy lives, never attempting again. Only 6 people out of 515 went back to the bridge. This means out of 1500, approximately 1410 lives could have been saved had it not been so easy to step over that 4 foot rail!! Yet every year, another 30-40 people die by suicide jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, and still…..we have no barrier in place.
    Again, I thank you for posting and urge your readers to PLEASE sign the petition.

    Peace and blessings,


    • Hi there, I’ll post this tomorrow. I am familiar with the study you mention and others, which is why I say that suicide is a death of convenience, eliminating the means is all it often takes to eliminate the death. And that is why I am spitting blood at NYU. They very nearly had another unnecessary tragedy on that floor.

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