Important Statistics – Useful Links

Dear Esmeralda,

Many thanks for posting. I would also like to share these links with you and your readers. The first is an incomplete list of the souls who have taken their lives from the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s quite powerful, as it speaks volumes when you see this on a page rather than reading or hearing the number “1500″. Please take the time to read over the other pages as well. Dayna Whitmer put her heart and soul into the website and it is certainly worth reading.

Another very informative article published in the NY Times…again worth reading:

Richard Seiden, professor emeritus and clinical psychologist at UC Berkeley performed a study in the 70′s on 515 GGB would-be jumpers who were prevented from their demise, proving the impulsivity of suicide. Out of these 515 individuals, a staggering 94% NINETY-FOUR PERCENT, went on to live normal healthy lives, never attempting again. Only 6 people out of 515 went back to the bridge. This means out of 1500, approximately 1410 lives could have been saved had it not been so easy to step over that 4 foot rail!! Yet every year, another 30-40 people die by suicide jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, and still…..we have no barrier in place.
Again, I thank you for posting and urge your readers to PLEASE sign the petition.

Peace and blessings,


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