A Birthday Present From Andrew

Tigger (Andrew) and Bruno in Sydney, Australia - July 2000

Tigger (Andrew) and Bruno in Sydney, Australia - July 2000

My birthday was… a bit of this and a bit of that really. Not too rotten, not brilliant either, but it ended better than it started. And that is ALWAYS a good thing.

The real present however, came yesterday. Why not on my actual birthday you may ask?
I asked myself that question too. And the answer is, I can see that now, that there was too much going on, emotionally, to have served as the loving joyful present that it was intended to be. The message would have been lost amidst the tension, sorrow and irritation.

So, what was this present and how did it come?

It came via facebook with a message that said (not verbatim)

Dear Esmeralda, I was Andrew’s teacher and I have a video of him during his final exam where he was happy.
I would like to send it to you.

Initially I was confused, and it took me a moment to figure out which of Andrew’s teacher this might be, but none of that stopped me from shooting a reply saying: “YES please, I would like to see it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE”

The teacher was Andrew’s NYU Italian professor in the spring of 2009. Another email exchange and I remembered Andrew actually talking to me about her, suggesting a get together. Sadly the get together didn’t happen at the time but I hope that it will now.

I am so happy to have this video and I have posted it on facebook now. Unfortunately I cannot post it on the blog, but I know that you are all happy for me anyway.

And now I wonder if there is anything else out there about Andrew… who knows… next birthday perhaps.

Happy Birthday to me Dear Esmeralda. Happy birthday to me!


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