How Helpful Therapy Is To Me

I have not managed to go to yoga for three weeks now, but I have been walking almost every day.

I have kept up with Bruno and I have just finished chapter fourteen. Five (or so) more to go.

As you know I have also been working on a retreat in Sicily called:

Mediterranean Connection
(Great opportunity for those of you who keep saying that you want to go to Sicily, no better time than now, or rather May 22 to 26 😉 )

Therapy is really helpful.

When things happen in our life, seriously unwelcome things like tragedies or any kind of trauma, our core, our foundations can be severely damaged, we know that instinctively when we say things like,
“I lost my footing.”

Therapy helps reinforce, repair your foundations.

Something else struck me about how helpful therapy is, to me.

Many of you who have been with me for a while, know that I am on a spiritual path whose philosophy is that all happiness is to be found within, that to be dependent upon external circumstances for our happiness, for our peace of mind, is akin to being a… cork at the mercy of the wave.

Therapy is helping me understand and manage my reactions to external stressors.

I am really pleased and grateful to have come across this precious healing tool, I am grateful to the great and generous friend who is making it possible, and to my therapist who is absolutely perfect for me.

The sun is shining on a clear blue sky today, and as soon as I have put in a bit of work on chapter 15 I’m off for a nice long walk.

Have a great week-end everybody.



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