Inside A Cushion Box

Milan, Italy. February 1993 - "Andrew" inside a cushion box

Milan, Italy. February 1993 - Andrew inside a cushion box

My cousin sent me this picture a couple of days ago. It was taken eighteen years ago while visiting my Aunt in Milan, Italy.

In his email, my cousin explained that he remembered taking this (and other pictures) picture and that he had looked through thousands of pictures to find it.

Thank you Renato. What a wonderful gift. Bitter sweet, but wonderful!

The Andrew of this picture is the Andrew in Bruno. It is the Andrew I saw a couple of months ago in a dream; asleep in an attic, bathed in light.

Looking at the child in this picture (and others) who would ever imagine that the child is dead. Who would think that the child took his own life?

I still cannot.

My Andrew is NOT dead.


4 thoughts on “Inside A Cushion Box

  1. I know the feeling. I have done another few pages of Bruno’s album up to age 12. He was not that child when he took his life. He was an adult who wanted to be a child but couldnt. This is what our world does to our children, it destroys their hopes and makes death seem like an escape. But death is the opposite of life. Bruno lives only because we remember him. He lives on in our love but it is not his life.

    • Dear Dave, you know that either you’ll have to buy me a drink in heaven or I will have to buy you one, don’t forget that we made a deal.
      My Bruno says hi to your Bruno and to you. And I say hi to and a big hug as well. SOSAD, Esmeralda

  2. I know you know the soul is eternal. I hate when people say to me “Amma says….” and here I go saying to you… Amma says death is not the end but only a period before the next sentence starts. I’m glad you mentioned that you dreamed of Andrew sleeping bathed in light . Those dreams are messages I think. It sounds like his spirit is resting and rejuvenating. It sounds lovely and peaceful. I am certain that you will have that chance to kiss Andrew again. when the time is right he will come to you.

    • Sweet, sweet friend. I miss you and hope that all is well. I know he’s alive and yet I miss him. H
      He is SO loving and so often makes sure I know he is around, like when I got the picture out of the blue. I mean, what on earth made my BUSY cousin sift through years of pictures? In fact how did he even remember he had taken it?!
      Baci, Esmeralda

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