It Was A Lovely Day

With one of my "adopted children"

With one of my adopted children

We had a lovely day yesterday.

Friends came over for lunch and even if I say so myself, I cooked a pretty good Easter Meal.

Some of my friends brought desert, and this was the choice: Lemon Tart (yum), Raspberry Tart (I am not too keen on fruity things, but others said that it was yummy) and the last one was a delicious chocolate concoction in the shape of an Easter Egg that had fallen sideways in the car, on the way here.
My friend Sujata was disappointed that her carefully chosen dessert had been… what’s the word? It’ll come to me in a minute (or two), but the taste had been unaffected and that’s what really counts.

We were having so much fun talking and laughing and you won’t believe this… even hula hooping that none of us thought of taking a picture to show you, sorry.

And do you want to know something? Andrew’s presence was felt by several of us.
And yes, there were moments when I could have gone the other way, crying instead of laughing, but I didn’t and he was relieved.

(Oh God Andrew, I love you so, so much)

Last night I slept reasonably well (since Andrew died my sleep has not been what it should be).

Florentina leaves this evening. We’ve had a wonderful time together…. we will see her again soon.

Have a great week everyone.



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