Engaged in "Wellness"

Engaged in Wellness

I feel like a yo-yo.

I see why some refer to the mind as a battlefield. Because it is!

War rages on and on.

Not all battles are lost. Indeed not, many are won. But it is an everyday engagement.

I have age and a bit of wisdom (deja-vu) on my side, which is why I know that it is true when I tell myself that:

Things do get better. One lost battle does not lose a war.

But what price each won laughter…

I persevere and I send everyone my love. You hung in there with me, I hung in there with you.


4 thoughts on “Deja-Vu

  1. Beautiful picture of us, Esmeralda. We are always here for you in your time of need. Even if we get busy in our lives and don’t talk for a while, know we (I) am always here.
    Next time your daughter comes for a visit I want to meet her.
    Lots of love. Always thinking of you.

    • I love that picture. It is one of my favorite.
      We have applied for permits and we are waiting to hear back from the park departments.
      We also need to raise money for the Fair, could you help?
      Also, why don’t you come to the retreat in Sicily? Love, Esmeralda

  2. Esmeralda, only two things are going on within each of us. You are right, one is the warring mind that never seems to stop and is always creating problems for us. The other is the Peace, love and joy within the heart. The path to fulfillment lies in each person finding a way to tap into the power of the breath which keeps the heart beating. It is all very simple to me. It is a matter of earnestly searching for “the way”.

    • The theory is as clear as rain to me too and occasionally the practice as well. So nice to hear from you again. Esmeralda

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