If A Drive Was All It Took To Come & See You

Visiting Andrew in Philadelphia

Visiting Andrew in Philadelphia

Andrew died eighteen months ago today.

My heart is heavy and incredulous still.

I would like to be able to see where you are. Come there and make sure everything is okay. Like when I used to come and visit you at college when you were at Drexel in Philadelphia.

It seems unbelievable now that once I tried to postpone a visit to the following week-end until you said:

“I was rather looking forward to it, Mummy.”

Of course we came, and couldn’t get there fast enough actually. And I cooked before hand and put together a large box full of (edible) supplies.

If only I could get in the car now and drive to come and see you.

My darling, darling Andrew.

Oh my darling, sweet, beloved Andrew, how I miss you.


4 thoughts on “If A Drive Was All It Took To Come & See You

  1. I came across your story, and it pains me to read it. I hope you and your family are finding peace in your hearts as you move through your life after such a tragedy. May God be with you today, and always ♥

    • Dear Krista, thank you for taking the time to stop and write and thank for your loving words. Love, Esmeralda

  2. I didn’t realize, that Andrew’s passing was so recent. My own son died 7 years ago. I hope you can take encouragement from this: It doesn’t get better, but YOU get better at it, and therefore it becomes much, much easier. Be well, Esmeralda. Take heart.

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