“Hands Across The Bridge” – A Human Suicide Barrier

Fifteen year-old "Allison Bayliss died of suicide by jumping from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge"

Fifteen year-old Allison Bayliss died of suicide by jumping from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

"Number 1 suicide magnet in the world;San Francisco's barrierless GoldenGate Bridge"

Number 1 suicide magnet in the world;San Francisco's barrierless GoldenGate Bridge

I am so pleased that the following event will take place this Sunday in San FRANCISCO.
Those who can, and do nothing or even not enough to prevent suicide and save lives, have blood on their hands. The City of San Francisco is one, but there are others who have not done all in their powers to avoid the senseless and avoidable tragedy of suicide.

Go Dear Friends in San Francisco, set a few pants on FIRE!!!
As on fire as our hearts are with the never-ending sorrow of our losses!!!


“Hands Across The Bridge” – A Human Suicide Barrier

SUNDAY June 12th 2011 – 9AM

Ft Winfield Scott – Presidio/Golden Gate Bridge

More than two hundred people are expected to meet at Ft Winfield Scott at the Presidio on Sunday June 12th at 9AM. They will then walk onto the Golden Gate Bridge at 10AM to form “Hands across the Bridge” – a human suicide barrier.

This is not a demonstration but rather an expression of love and frustration.

This dedicated group, some of whom have lost loved ones to suicide on this bridge will join hands for fifteen minutes as a tribute to all who have lost their lives.

The Golden Gate Bridge is the last landmark in the world without suicide protection and approximately every ten days there is a death by suicide.
Most recently, fifteen year-old Allison Bayliss, of Danville, was seen walking onto the bridge but not walking off. She is presumed to have jumped from the bridge.

Friends and family members of Allison and many others feel the time is far past for the approved suicide net to be put in place so these deaths can be prevented in the future.

For more information before the event please contact:
Erika or John Brooks

Day of the event contact:
Rachel Viegas – 917-568-3038
Erika Brooks – 415-272-7787

Dearest, sweet, young Allison… I am so sorry that you felt you had no other choice, I am so sorry that there was no barrier to prevent your death… Sweet child, I know that it was not death that you wanted… A pair of strong, loving arms and words of hope spoken to your heart:

“Allison, sweetheart, it’ll be alright, you’ll be alright, it’ll all work out, you’ll see…”

Rest in Peace little Angel, it’ll be alright.
Dear Allison Parents, we’ll all be alright, in time.

All my love,

Esmeralda, Andrew’s Mummy


2 thoughts on ““Hands Across The Bridge” – A Human Suicide Barrier

  1. Alliy-
    You may not reconize my face,but ever since May 23,2011 your face is reconized by the world and has been all I’ve seen. Being a residant of Danville this tradgedy has been very hard and difficult. I was in P.E when the news hit. Silence fell as it was annoucned that you had taken your own life. All I heard were the sobs and sniffles of everyone around me. But what I heard the loudest were my sobs. We may not have known eachother but, just knowing that you were gone, and what you did. It as just really difficult for everyone. What I heard is that you were an intelligant, beautiful, and amazing girl. And I believe every word of that. I hope you’re in no more pain and I hope you’re happy. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. May you rest in peace, Alliy. We love and miss you ❤

  2. ..In wake of Danville teens apparent death a Walnut Creek-based expert on Golden Gate Bridge suicides says many deaths could have been prevented but no money has been set aside for a net approved three years ago…..By. 1 site for suicide..The 15-year-old San Ramon Valley High School student searched for directions to the bridge on her computer.

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