Get Your Wellness On Fair 2011

Sept. 18, 2010. "Washington Square Park - "Get Your Wellness On"" Suicide Awareness & Prevention Fair

Sept. 18, 2010. Washington Square Park - "Get Your Wellness On" Suicide Awareness & Prevention Fair

Just to let everybody know that the 2011 “Get Your Wellness On”
Suicide & Prevention Fair, will likely take place on September 18. I say likely, because we are awaiting final confirmations from the NYC Parks Department.

And guess what? We have just received a pledge for a $500 donation to get us going! Yay!!!!
Thank you to… you know who you are, I love you!

As I wrote yesterday, fifteen year-old Allison Bayliss is the latest in the long list of tragic jumps from the GGB. And I want to remind everyone that tomorrow, Sunday, June 13, 2011, hundreds of activists, survivors and volunteers will join hands to form a symbolic human barrier along the infamous San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

As soon as he heard about the demonstration and knowing that I could not go, my friend Sam, who has moved to San Francisco, immediately offered to go for me.

“I’ll stand in your place Esmeralda,” he said.

Thank you Dearest Sam.

Please stretch your arms as wide as you can for me in a gesture of love to those who are suffering and think that they are alone.

You are not alone.

Give us a chance to find you. Give us a chance to reach out to you.

The darkness of the night always gives way to the Brightness of a New Dawn. Always!

Lots of love,


4 thoughts on “Get Your Wellness On Fair 2011

  1. Esmeralda,

    Please pass my number on to Sam. I’m afraid I may be sitting in the side lines as I have managed to bruise/tear the cartilage in my knee. ;(

    • What did you do to your knee? I will give your number to Sam also known as Prabudh.
      I am thinking of you all. Love, Esmeralda

  2. Alarm set for 6Am to be up early enough to do some sadhana and and catch a bus to the meeting point. You must come to SF and Do a Get Your Wellness on event.

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