And Finally I Cried

"Killer wave"

Killer Wave

Hi everyone.

I wanted to tell you that the rose healing session that I went to last Friday, was amazing and I benefitted greatly from it.

Although it may seem strange to some that one would consider crying a good thing, because “crying” is what I did.

I’d always been perplexed and upset with myself, for not having brought the hospital down with my wails and screams, when I was called in to see my dead son.

That morning, apart from when I first entered the cubicle where he lay lifeless, I didn’t cry much.
And yet the pain and horror I felt were such that I thought it wouldn’t be long before I too would die. Alas no!

But why then, didn’t I scream when I had the chance?

I’ve often wanted to go back in time and scream all the screams that have been wreaking havoc inside me since the moment I was given the news. The wailing inside me has been so loud, that more than once it has overwhelmed me.

But on Friday, fragrant pink roses placed on the seven chakra points, without any urging from me, this screaming grief rose out me and burst out of my throat. There was no repressing it. It was painful, it hurt like hell, not the wailing itself, but the grief rising like a killer wave that accompanied it.

So, fellow survivors, or anybody suffering their own silent pain, go find a way to let this thing out.

It helps, it really does.

Okay, got to run.
Lots of love

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