Stand By Me

Stand By Me.

Stand By Me is the piece I wrote last year at the end of Amma’s program in New York.

Tonight I have this year’s three days with Amma in New York ahead of me, and I am looking forward to every moment of those three days.

For many years when he was little, Andrew would suddenly disappear on Christmas Eve.  He had worked out that time passes quickly when one is asleep.  And so, wanting Christmas morning to arrive without delay, on Christmas Eve he would take to his bed earlier then usual, needless to say, he would also be up EARLIER than usual, on Christmas Day.

Well, I am going to be the Andrew of the story tonight. I am going to say goodbye now. Shut down my laptop and go to be bed, because, guess what? No?  You can’t guess? Alright then, I’ll tell you:

Amma is HERE tonight, and tomorrow morning I will be up early and go to Manhattan for the first of three blissful days with Amma, my beloved Teacher.

Love, Healing and Peace to Everyone.



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