Fallen Knight

Fallen Knight.


7 thoughts on “Fallen Knight

  1. Last night one of my sons and I went to a SOS–survivors of suicide–support group. Only a few people there. All who had died were fathers or sons…which impressed upon me again how deadly suicide is for men.

    It was the first SOS meeting for all but me. The grief never completely abates…some 6 months, a year, 5 years, 8 years, 12 years, 14 years and for me 2 1/2 yrs…”You go through hell and somehow survive,” one woman with 5 sons said. I mentally concurred. Easy for the women to open up and talk about surviving the suicide; harder for the father who wrote songs for his son and lost his best friend…harder for the teenage boys who live in the shadow of the death of a father they can’t remember or for the 19 year old who remembers the brother whose death ruined his senior year in high school.

    But we survive whether we find a way to tell our stories or not… And if there are feelings besides love for the one we lost, we must find a way to forgive and let go and remember love.

    Aloha, my friend. Aloha, Andrew…Aloha

  2. Such a touching piece every time I read it – powerful, eloquent, raw – so honest.

    I thought of you while in Ficuzza – your energy and the peacefulness of the place.

    Hugs, Love and Blessings

      • I meant your pursuit of healing energy for yourself and others.

        Before I left I saw the photos of you, and the various students who went with you, sitting or meditating in the Ficuzza forest. It was much greener when you were there. Yes, we went to Ficuzza and the forest area and also went on a tour of the castle/hunting lodge. No, I did not make it to the town of Corleone. Maybe on the next trip. We did go to a few other towns in the area. One was Marineo, where great grandparents of mine were born and married. The butcher/macelleria is convinced we are related because our of our common surnames. I don’t really know if we are related but I felt embraced and welcomed. They said I was one of them. We also went to Piana degli Albanesi – home of the cannolo or cannoli 🙂 – so they say. We also visited an agriturismo facility called Parco Vecchio and had a wonderful lunch there: http://www.agriturismo-in-italia.info/sicilia/palermo/parcovecchio-en.htm It’s probably a really nice place to stay for a retreat or throw a party. It was located in the higher mountains of Marineo. We had a wonderful time in Sicily and will go back. We also went to Mondello (a very crowded beach) and also walked around Palermo (where we stayed). We were only in Sicily for 2 1/2 days – which was not enough time. Blessings and love

    • Hi Dave, I am in Sicily working on my book and on myself. I am sorry to have been quiet on the blog at the moment, but I am working, still working and will continue working till the end

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