The Second, Annual “Get Your Wellness On” Suicide Awareness & Prevention Fair

What with the extra 9/11-related-security slowing down getting into Manhattan, and the gentle, oh so gentle, sprinkle from the sky while setting up – the sound check was complete and the tables and chairs decked and ready… well, a little later than planned.
But we were ready, willing and eager to Get The Wellness going.


And then… it rained… and then… it rained harder and… harder.

“It’s raining on our parade,” I said to the others, with me squeezed under the alternative healing tent
“Rob,” I continued, turning to our handsome Shaman. “Could it be that it was the Four-Rains you turned to earlier, instead of the Four Winds?” patter, patter, laughter, laughter…

“Rain is good,” said Lisa, a great Reiki Master and more. “It washes everything.”

“It’s not raining,” added our beloved Dr. Weng who had just got off the red-eye from San Diego, and come straight to Washington Square Park to do her wonderful thing.
I turned around so that I could see her better. She was calm, serene, smiling, beautiful.
“It is a shower of Grace,” she added, in her signature Chinese accent.

“In that case,” I said, brightening up. “I am really glad about this powerful shower on our parade. Just imagine trying to arrange this on purpose… it could not have been done.”

So much powerful, can do attitude huddled under the tent, scattered around our Alexander Holley Plaza.

“My back is all wet,” laughed Christine, whose front was under the tent, but not her back.

“Come all the way in,” I said, putting an arm around her waist and pulling her toward me while NYU’s sound engineers packed up their cellophane-covered-expensive equipment, and scooted off.

“It is what it is,” someone said, while we watched them getting drenched as they left.

After a while it “started” to stop.
I suppose enough Grace had been showered on us, and the Powers that be gently kicked my a..s… and whispered in my ear… “Get your butt off the chair and out of this cozy tent girl – Oh yeah,” I thought.
“Let’s help gets this show on the road.”
And so I grabbed one of the hoopnotica hula hoops that our beloved Jacqui
Becker, AKA The Elf Princess, had brought, and started hooping and laughing in the middle of our Plaza.
And that was it.

The Second – Annual – “Get Your Wellness On” – Suicide Awareness & Prevention Fair took off as organically as the grass root movement that it is. Rain didn’t hinder, it nurtured! The Wind didn’t bother, it dried us! And something else very important, it taught us a lesson that some of us have been working on learning for a while, and that is; doing our best and then, surrendering, letting go of the need to control and the need to own the outcome.

We relaxed, we watched the day unfold, gently at first, like the freshly washed sun that first smiled and then laughed on our Parade.

Thank you…. Can I try saying this how I felt it……?

Thank you Andrew for shining your light as you always do, many of us felt it and were soothed by It.
Thank you to all the friends and volunteers.
Thank you rain, sun and wind.
Thank you to those who trusted their instinct and came to find us, thereby giving us the opportunity of doing what we had set out to do, share a bit of community love – Help bring suicide out of the closet – lessen the shame, mystery and guilt that envelops it.

A big hug to everyone, and an extra big hug full of love, to those whose burden is heavy right now, but please, try to remember, even if it is the only thing you are able do right now – We are never, ever, alone.
And if it helps, look at me, I am getting there and so will you!


Andrew’s Mummy & Founder of “Get Your Wellness On”

Under the "Alternative Healing" Tent

Under the Alternative Healing Tent

Rob - Our Shaman

Rob - Our Shaman

"Sound bites"

Sound bites

First the rain and then the sun and the baloons

First the rain and then the sun and the baloons

The show is on the road

The show is on the road

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