More Pictures

"Dr. Weng"

Dr. Weng

Someone is getting "reflexology at the GYWO Fair"

Someone is getting reflexology at the GYWO Fair

"Esmeralda Williamson-Noble"

Esmeralda Williamson-Noble

Dr. Weng & I Just before the Fair - "Washington Square Park" - Sept. 10, 2011

Dr. Weng & I Just before the Fair - Washington Square Park - Sept. 10, 2011


3 thoughts on “More Pictures

    • Thank you. A few weeks of R & R in Sicily, and a ton of suntan 😉 didn’t hurt either.
      Thank you you for stopping by. Esmeralda

      • Always so reassuring to hear from you! We missed you at the Fair. I know you would have opened your arms as wide as mine to those who needed us and found us that day. I am still aching for the very young, new mother, whose own mother mother shot herself 3 weeks ago. I am glad that we were able to offer her comfort, a safe place to speak and cry, Dr. Weng’s loving hands and my therapist to talk to and arrange for further help. I was glad we had a created a space for everyone who needed to, to speak up and speak out and to say that they were tired of feeling shame, they were tired of hiding the truth of their loss.
        So, as you say, dear friend, on we go.
        Congratulations on all the good news, love, Esmeralda

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