Andrew’s Closet

I am taking a break from going through Andrew’s clothes and belongings.

There no longer is an Andrew’s smell in anything, other than that created by a life time of memories. Only dust … echoes of dust to …

His tennis rackets, his riding boots, an open, half-eaten packet of ice breakers chewing gums, his Chinese exercise books …

His black tie suits, his other suits and ties – he loved wearing suits when he deemed it appropriate.

His …

My Darling Son I know you are always with me, but I can only see you in my mind’s eyes.

I have to take a break. Bed, fetal position …


One thought on “Andrew’s Closet

  1. Yesterday, I sat and talked with a woman I hardly knew. She spoke about her 22 year old daughter who fell asleep while driving and died in an single vehicle auto accident 11 years ago. Her love for her daughter remains as does her sorrow. She cried as she spoke and I told her it was not comforting to me to know that despite the passing of time the tears do not abate. I suppose it will always be until we are reunited once again…so we must hold on, love those we still have, and listen patiently to one another’s. stories. I know she was relieved to connect with another mother who understands and it was good for me to listen.

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