Andrew’s Ashes & El Camino

"El Camino de Santiago"

El Camino de Santiago

Along the way on "El Camino de Santiago"

Along the way on El Camino de Santiago

I now know what to do with Andrew’s Ashes.

I will take them with me on The Way of St. James’s – El Camino.

I will walk with Andrew, day after day. Together we will cover the 800 km from our starting point in France.

It doesn’t matter how long it will take, because we will do it together.

We will … talk, we’ll find a way to talk … to understand … to make peace … and then … help me God …I will let Andrew go.

But he will be free to come and go as he pleases. My heart will remain open for … ever … because, Andrew? My Andrew? You know that I will always be you mother, no matter what.

Always ….

"El Camino de Santiago"

El Camino de Santiago


4 thoughts on “Andrew’s Ashes & El Camino

  1. Have you read the novel Buen Camino – beyond the journey by Thea Hughes? The heroine Ana carries the ashes of her loved one with her as she walks the Camino. She decides that wherever she finds a sudden moment of joy in a flower or in the sound of a bird, she will sprinkle a handful of his ashes. When she stops on the banks of a river to watch the cool ripples of water glide effortlessly over boulders or when she pauses in the dappled ground of a forest where footsteps grow muffled amongst the moss and lichen-flecked trees – that’s where she leaves a handful of his dust, so that he will be able to share the beauty of the Camino forevermore. The novel can be purchased through

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