Predawn Hours – November 3rd. 2011

I am going to drive to the city around 4 a.m. tomorrow morning. In a few hours.

Will I be able to intercept him this time?


5 thoughts on “Predawn Hours – November 3rd. 2011

  1. I am only now reading this and it’s 6 hours difference. So in NY it is 3:50 am and you are retracing a sorrowful path to try to understand…my heart literally aches for you. I am so sorry……….. (((((hugs))))) I will be thinking of you and your mother’s love for your children. And I will be thinking of your dear Andrew and the beautiful things you have written about him over the years. Aloha ❤

    • You were with me. You wrote at 3:50 and I “know” Andrew left his dorm at 3:53 – It’s done, it’s all over, pronounced dead.
      But he didn’t sleep other, he screamed in his heart before he left is room, before he gave up. He fought SO hard and bravely. My son …
      Your son… our wonderful children …. angels … shining a light so others can see … Love

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