“Breathe,” I tell myself. “Breathe! You’ve been here before. Even if it looks pitch black, it isn’t. The light is there somewhere. Go on, look for it. Breathe, don’t be afraid.”

I keep encouraging myself. To give in and just sleep …

But, fuck, no!

And I am not afraid to shout for help.
If I don’t face and conquer this it’ll only come back, again and again.

You are strong Esmeralda, you can do it, you have done it. It will pass.
But why do others have to suffer too?
Oh my children.
To know that each of us can only travel our own road, walk on our own two feet.

The wind is strong, I am struggling. But I am hanging in there.

Breathe Esmeralda… breathe


3 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. You wrote this post so well…Even though I wish this wasn’t what you are actually going through…Breathe…shout for help…hang on…you’re right, the light is there…rest as you need to and continue your journey.

    Just wondering, when your children’s book for Andrew is published in Chinese will it be possible for me to purchase it? And I am assuming it will be illustrated, yes?

    Be well, my friend…

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