Dear Kukunaokala

Dear Kukunaokala,

On this day, one of the anniversaries that have followed the first of your beloved son Michael’s death, I want you to know that I am thinking of you.

I think of the first time you “popped” up into my consciousness, commenting on one of my posts.

I think of the days, weeks, months and now almost years, that followed that first contact.
You have always been there.

A reader, a friend, a teacher, a fellow survivor … all those things; but most of all a watchful mother. Because motherhood, parenthood, do not stop with ones children.
And you dear, precious friend, embody motherhood.

I mourn with you the loss of your son Michael, beyond the reach of your arms, yes, but forever alive and thriving in your heart.

With our earthly mind we suffer and mourn, yet we know that they are alive and well.

Only gone from sight, for a while.

With all my love dear Kukunaokala.

Your friend,



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