Cereal Brigade

Some kind of "brigade"

Some kind of brigade

Last night Robert invited me to a “Cereal Brigade”

I smiled

“Andrew invited me to a “cereal brigade in writing once,” he said as he took his favorite cereal out of the cupboard.
“Really? So Andrew,” I said, stopping what I was doing. “What did he write, how did he give it to you?”
“You are hereby invited to join me in a “Cereal Brigade”.”
“But how did he give it to you?”
“He came downstairs and gave it to me”
“What, and then he just stood there watching while you read it?” I asked, knowing that that was exactly how it must have happened, for, you see, I knew my son.
“Yes, he waited while I read it, then he laughed.”

I miss you Andrew! Robert, Florentina, Daddy and Zoe miss you. And lots of other people miss you.


2 thoughts on “Cereal Brigade

  1. Oh, I love this sweet memory! Thank you for sharing it…I could just completely imagine you and Robert and Robert and Andrew.


    • Next time you come over, we should get together for a “cereal brigade” how about that? 😉
      Hugs my dear friend. Lots of hugs

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