The House Feels Empty

Robert is away, visiting his sister.  The house feels empty.

He is also a high school junior now, starting the college process.

I know seems to soon I know, but the Guidance department has already had two meetings with us parents on the subject.  We are already supposed to start visiting colleges.

Suddenly I feel very uncomfortable.  I don’t want to do this again.  The last time we did this, it was when Andrew was in high school.

I have no power to change anything other than my response.  I work on it every day.

Kukunaokala, I wish it were true that my grief has lessened!  It’s just different.




2 thoughts on “The House Feels Empty

  1. grief never lessens…it just finds different paths inside to meander down. But taking it as a part of the whole that is the now me..well, its a work in progress.
    Sending you a hug, and all the love and light in me for you, my dear nap buddy.xoxo

    • We have both traveled a bit along the though, haven’t we? But as I wrote in one of my earlier entries, grief is a strange thing. Grief is like having a wild sleeping cat in your house, you never when know when or what will wake him up, and what damage it will do when it’s wake. So… when you least expect it… Anyway, this is what we got, and can only deal with what we have… couldn’t get to nap today, I’ve been feeling edgy all day. I still feel very edgy. Big hug Iola, take care

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