Oh My Lord, Why?

Why are there still times when I feel as though I am going to die of pain.  I literally feel my insides being ripped.

My head seems like it’s taking off…

The screams that want to come out of me sometimes, like today, when I am on own, driving, frighten even me.

I pray that someone out there is on duty, watching and listening, because anyone with less experience than me, feeling the way I do, has no bloody chance.




4 thoughts on “Oh My Lord, Why?

  1. It’s not funny haha, but funny interesting that I’ve been having many of the same feelings for the past several months. My heart goes out to you. The feelings are truly undescribable and painful beyond words. Xo

    • Yep! But thank God I am better today. Great to hear from you gain Carla. And we do know that they pass ,and then they come back again, but then they pass, and that’s how it is. Big HUG

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