Phone Call

When I tried the number mentioned in this post, a voice on a recording said that the number was no longer in service.

But who knows, maybe it is no longer in service for us but it might be for someone else.

Anyway, I am trying to make myself get ready for yoga.

But do you know something? Everything I do, go to yoga, go for a walk, cook, brush my teeth, get up… you name it… how can I put it without being dramatic? There are still times, like everyday at the moment, that I have to push myself.  There are still times when I would rather hide under the blankets and… cry, yes cry.

I think I’ll do it though this morning, I know I’ll be able to assert myself, yep I’m coming… Ishta level 1 And don’t let the level 1 designation fool you, believe me, it IS a workout, when it’s over my legs are all wobbly.

Shoot, is that the time… haven’t brushed my teeth yet, better be off.

Love to everyone


Phone Call.

7 thoughts on “Phone Call

  1. Thanks for sharing your phone call post again. Very cool experience. I also enjoyed reading through the old comments posted.

    For me, we’ve passed the 3 year anniversary of Michael’s death and now it’s weird to contemplate 3 years. 3 years seems like a long time, but it was just yesterday that he died. What will it be like in 5 years? 7? 11? 23? I can’t put words to the surreal feeling that it’s been a “long” time…

    • This is it! Long, short, yesterday… such a long time… this moment, happening all over again.
      Over two years without my Tigger…

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