Frozen Brain Syndrome

As some of you know, the past few weeks have been particularly challenging for me.

“It’s post traumatic stress,” my therapist explained.

She was referring to the fact that I have become EXTREMELY vulnerable to external stressors.  Things that might be more of an aggravation to someone else, have the potential of bringing me down (same for all survivors)

Anyway, I have been down, to be more precise, I have spent a great deal of time lying down on the sofa, while traveling back and forth from hell.  In between, thank goodness, I dozed off, sometimes for just for a few minutes.  On one of those occasions when I woke up and opened my eyes, I saw Andrew sitting on the sofa opposite me.  He was looking at me, studying me intently.  Then, when I became fully conscious, he disappeared.

Darling Andrew, come back, stay longer, let’s chat, let me ask you a few questions!


Frozen Brain Syndrome.

4 thoughts on “Frozen Brain Syndrome

  1. You saw him!! I believe he was really there and you just happened to be receptive enough to see him before your logical brain kicked in . He’s probably there with you alot, watching over you , helping you, protecting you.

    • I think so too. I know he is with me all the time actually.
      How are you sweetheart? You know, we all have lots of friends everywhere, enough to take the “edge off”, but this is a time for intense solitary work, this is what I’m getting. Big hug darling xox

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