My Bed In The Garden

“I think I’ll use my thermarest, that should make lying on the grass even softer,” I said to myself yesterday afternoon, as I surveyed the garden at the back of the house.  Yes because some of us often talk about taking refuge in the arms of Mother Nature, and then instead of actually going outside, we visualize doing it.

“But it’s high Summer, and Nature is in my back yard,” I thought.   I love the way the trees form an almost circular perimeter in the sky.  And maybe it’s because of that ancient green frame high above me,  or maybe …. I don’t actually know why, but as I raise my eyes heavenward, the  Angelite blue of the sky, and the random scattering of pearly white clouds makes me think of angels calling me to come rest under their wings.  And the weather is glorious.  The gentle cooling breeze and the warm, benevolent sun, are perfect for drying the big, wet dears that spill from my eyes like sudden summer downpours.

I have to stand on my tiptoes to get my thermarest that’s stored high on the top shelf of the linen cupboard. Then I fetch my yoga mat from the hall closet, and the straw  mat that I bought in India, in Bangalore.  In fact the bed that I am going to make for myself on the grass, is a replica of the bed I slept on while on the North India Tour with Amma in 2008.  Well, it would be an exact replica if I used a sleeping bag instead of the crisp, freshly laundered cotton sheet on top of the thermarest, and the a small travel pillow instead of the two feather ones from my own bed.  As for the mosquito net that protected my sweet skin in India, I  gave it to one of my children’s friends three years ago. Not because the mosquitoes here in the States don’t bite me like their Indian counterpart did, but because three years ago I did not envisage myself looking for a hug from the grass in the backyard…

Okay Dear friends near and far, I’ll stop here as far as telling you about my afternoon nap in the garden yesterday.  But let me tell you that I’ve missed you while I have been out of touch for SO long!  But I’ve been busy and… I think I needed a break.

But let me quickly tell you what some of you know; Get Your Wellness On went INTERNATIONAL!  And what a success that was! No, really, the June 30, 2013 event in Palermo’s beautiful Villa Trabia, was SPECTACULAR, it surpassed all expectations. Palermo’s iconic Mayor, Leoluca Orlando, stood behind us from the moment we contacted him via FB, asking for his help and support organizing the event. The local volunteers were an absolute dream and even the weather on the day of the event could not have been more perfect had we ordered it like an entrée on a restaurant menu!

I’ll leave you with some of the day’s pictures for now, okay?

Hmmm…. It’s been a while and things have changed on wordpress and I can’t figure out which button to push to add pictures to the post… I’ll go ahead and post this entry just as it is while I work out the picture option 🙂

A presto as we say in Italian



4 thoughts on “My Bed In The Garden

  1. What a lovely surprise! A new blog post from Esmeralda. When my grief was new, I spent many days and nights outside…it was very comforting. I’m so happy you posted. It’s a sweet coincidence. I’ve been thinking of Michael A LOT recently and sobbed while driving home yesterday listening to a song I associate with him–“The Prayer.” And this morning I find 2 blog posts in my inbox…one from you and one from another survivor/author–Michelle Linn-Gust. Coincidence?!

  2. SO, glad to hear from you Kukanaokala! I am grieving too! So many “things” one can grieve about. But what a growing it’s been, Dearest fellow traveler!
    Went back to yoga again today after many months of absence from my own yoga mat 🙂

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