Why Walking – Moving The Body in General – Helps

Andrew, Robert and Daddy

Andrew, Robert and Daddy

Maybe you all know this already, but my therapist told me that a thirty minute walk five days a week, is equivalent to taking Zoloft, an antidepressant.

It takes thirty days of trumping up and down your park or wherever you take your walk, before it kicks in, but after that you are “on.” Mind you, it stops when you stop walking.

For those of you who prefer jogging, running or swimming, that’s fine too, basically anything that’s aerobic.

I have been doing my best to get myself out there and walk. And you know, once I am moving those feet and I feel the fresh air on my face, the heaviness begins to lift, the cobwebs on my brain fly away and I feel rejuvenated.

Getting out there though is where I trip, but I managed it three times this week.

If anyone out there wants to come with me for a walk let me know.

By the way, I started yoga again… I know, I know I teach what I need to learn most… aching all over but feel REALLY good about myself. Good girl Esmeralda, you are SO good, and brave and courageous and I LOVE YOU!


P.S. By the way, don’t you love Andrew’s hair? I do!


4 thoughts on “Why Walking – Moving The Body in General – Helps

  1. It’s good to be reminded about the emotional benefits of walking. I’ve always described that feeling of lightening to myself as the ‘cobwebs being blown from my mind’. It feels great, doesn’t it?
    I’m so sorry about your boy.

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