Just Before I Head Out For Woodstock

Here are some more pictures of the 1st Edition of the Italian

Get Your Wellness On – Indossa il Tuo Benessere

at the beautiful Villa Trabia in Palermo.

By the way, Villa Trabia is home to some SPECTACULAR Banyan trees! I’d only seen them before in Bangalore, India, when I was practicing being a wondering sadhu. What? You don’t know what a sadhu is?
Ah well, then you can’t be one, can you? 😉

Anyway, here are a few pictures.

"Caterina & Edimar"

"Yoga Lesson"

"Everything is ready"

"The Brazilian Shaman, Edimar, doing his thing"


"Thai Yoga class"

I’ll be back with the Banyan trees another time because I’m heading out shortly. I’ve been wanting to go to Woodstock for a while and today I’m going, yeah!
There’s a wonderful market in Woodstock where you can buy crystals, hand-made incense…
Which reminds me to tell you, in case you hadn’t realized this, that I am an energy healer. As well as giving healing (Reiki) sessions to people, I also help cleanse homes.
But going back to Woodstock, the main road in and out of the town is full of lovely esoteric shops, bookshops, flower shops and little restaurants … And on Saturdays they have a drumming circle in the town square in the late afternoon. You should definitely go if you are in the area.

So, off I go.

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