Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

It is true, suicide survivor suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome.

I wish to God there was a magic cure for it


5 thoughts on “Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

  1. My son, Curt took his life on Feb 10, 2013. I feel like i’m living in limbo. I feel more depressed with time.It’s a nightmare I can’t wake up from. I pray all the time, but the pain is unrelenting. Thanks for listening.

  2. Dear, Dear, DEAR Jan, thank you for writing! None of us can stand in another’s shoes, but knowing that someone feels what you feel somehow helps. You writing and letting me know of your sorrow helps me by making me draw from within all I’ve learned on this bloody journey. I use the word bloody literally, because to be a suicide survivor is to have been in an explosion the likes of which one never knew possible. And from this explosion we survive dismembered, with our guts hanging out, our bowels trailing behind… and in this state we go back to “normal”
    Dearest Jan, but I can tell you that though the road is complex and far from straight, we survive and we also thrive and we are all the richer for it. And we learn that motherhood goes far beyond bilogy.
    Right now I feel ROTTEN, ROTTEN, ROTTEN, but I know that it will not be forever.
    Where are you dear sister, are you far from NY? If you are local we can meet, otherwise we can meet virtually. Also, did you know that on Sept. 21 we have the Get Your Wellness On Suicide Awareness & Prevention Fair in Washington Square Park Manhattan? Do you want to come?
    Please write again, please tell us all you can and want about Darling Curt, share your story with us if you want and can, sometimes it helps.
    In the meantime please know that many of us hold you safe in our hearts
    Esmeralda – Andrew’s Mummy

    • Esmerlada,
      Thank you so much for your kind encouraging words. I’m having a blessed “good” day today. Most days are a crying thru the day. I live in Rochester, NY.I’d love to come to the awareness fair, but going to my husbands 40th HS reunion. Plan on going to an “Out of the Darkness”, walk on September 29th to help support prevention, and awareness. I can’t even write the word. I will write again to tell you about my dear son, Curt. Love, Jan- Curt’s mommy

  3. Hello Jan, so happy to hear back from you. I’ve really had an unpleasant spell myself.
    You know, at one point in the months after Andrew’s death, there came a point when I wondered how it could be possible to cry so many tears in one lifetime. The truth is that the tear well never dries up. Yet tears are a gift too and some people just cannot cry!
    I am VERY, VERY sorry that you can’t join us in the 21st, but perhaps we can get together another time? I am a reiki healer and I could give you a session if you like

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