Loads of Laundry

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At the last moment Robert decided to come home for the Columbus Day week-end.  I was so excited!

As luck would have it, one of his best friends attends the same College.  It was decided that we would drive them back today while the other boy’s mother picked them up on Friday.

I cleaned and tidied his already clean and tidy room and stocked up the fridge, and I made a big lasagna.

Long before the Columbus Day week-end was even thought about, I had registered for a day-long Feng Shui workshop to deepen my knowledge of this powerful ancient practice.  So,  knowing that I would be gone all day on Saturday, I felt good and virtuous about the big lasagna ready to feed him.  Wouldn’t you?

When he arrived, as well as his back pack, Robert brought his laundry hamper. It was heavier than the suitcase I took to Sicily when I went in June!

And, he came in, gave me a huge, huge hug, spent a few minutes going around, admiring his room ectera, ectera, and then went out to have dinner with his friends.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that: the lasagna is still in the fridge, and other than Saturday when I was out all day, I’ve spent the rest of the week-end doing laundry and ironing.

He’ll be leaving in a couple of hours and there are still a few things that need ironing, which is why I am going to run. But not before assuring you that I’ve enjoyed every load!  As I rolled every pair of clean socks, folded every clean and crisply ironed shirt, pair of pants ect. ect., I was happy to have had the chance to perform this motherly task and infuse every single thing that went back into the laundry hamper, with my love and prayers for his well-being and happiness.


The last time I did Andrew’s laundry was after he died, when we collected his belongings from his dorm 😦

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