Almost Four Years

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Spring 1998 - Visiting Andrew in Philadelphia

Spring 1998 – Visiting Andrew in Philadelphia

Soon it’ll be four years. Four years!
Oh Andrew!

12:37:03 AM
Nov 4, 2009

I was grateful to read this comment by another NYU student who had met Andrew

So many of these comments astound me. If any of you had personally known this young man, as I did, you would know that those he met felt lucky to have this intelligent, cultured, responsible and sophisticated (as well as sensitive and entertaining) person in their life. While I agree that your points do have validity for many kids our age, you are judging something you know nothing about. It’s insulting to his memory, and to those who knew him for the incredible person he was.

Nov. 4, 2009

My name is Madison Shelton and I am a good friend of your son Andrew. I just wanted to express my heartfelt condolences about the loss of your son. I know how hard this day has been for me just to lose such a great friend from my life, I can only imagine how hard this day has been for you.

The first time I met Andrew was when he was a student at Drexel where I still attend. We had Chinese together and from the first day I was amazed and kind of jealous of his intelligence and vigor for everything that he did! After the first week of classes I begged him to be study partners with me, I even tried to bait him on with a treat of free coffee! But alas he did not want to be my study partner! Because of Andrew’s grasp of the language it just made me want to try even harder and we became fierce rivals in our chinese class! But because of his sheer ability he made me into a better student! I was so sad when he told me he was transferring from Drexel to NYU. I made him promise not to forget me in Philadelphia and to visit soon, but every week we would chat online! He would send me great songs, like Nightwish which due to his influence I love and funny pictures that would always put a smile on my face. He would tell me about his plans to get a motorcycle and ride it all across the country. I would tell him how i didn’t understand why he would want to be on a scary machine like that and he would promise that as soon as he bought one he would come down to Philadelphia and give me a free ride on it!!!

I remember in the Spring he came to visit Philadelphia. I was so excited to get a call from him and meet up for lunch and we talked for hours about his new life in NYU and all of his studies in Eastern Asian Cultures and because i am an Anthropology student I loved every second of it!!!! (and was so glad that he stopped being a Business Major at Drexel!) He seemed so much happier up in NY than he ever was at Drexel. I feel so blessed to have ever met Andrew! Though at first we butted heads, in all of my studies his natural ambitious nature always drove me to be an even better student!!! I just wanted you to know that your son had a great impact on my life and this world. he was appreciated, respected and loved. I feel honored to call him my friend I i wish I could have spent more moments with him. He use to tell me about you all the time and said what a beautiful woman and great mom you are. By the way you raised your son i know that is true. I wish I had a chance to meet you with him. Andrew to this day is one of the smartest people that I have ever met in college. A young man who is well versed, well read and well mannered. He would say it was because he was “English” but i knew that it was just his nature.

I hope that this message finds you in good spirits and know that I am praying for Andrew and the rest of your family through his hard time. The people that he met will not just miss him but the world will miss all of the great things I know he was born to do! Though I only got to be in his company for a short year, I still talk about him to my friends how the ideas and concepts that would come out of his mind were a beautiful sight to behold. Andrew did not leave us, he just made us appreciate his beautiful spirit even more. If there is anything that I can do for you during this time please feel free to ask. If it is possible I would like to pay my respects to Andrew when the time comes.

Thank you for this beautiful email Madison, I wish Andrew could read it too.

Andrew’s Mummy


2 thoughts on “Almost Four Years

  1. This beautiful tribute to your son, Andrew, made me want to know him. My son, Curt was also a language major, and played piano with such emotion. What happens to our gifted son’s. I’m going to my niece’s wedding this weekend, and the reality of Curt not being there is heartbreaking.
    In God’s Love, Jan

    • Oh Jan…! So sorry to have you in my “club”!
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Please tell us more about your Curt, we’d love to “meet” him, albeit through you.
      Much Love

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