He Was About To Hang Himself

To all my friends and survivors community,
I have been put in contact with a suicidal 24-year-old in another country.He looked up ways of taking his life on YouTube. He took the necessary measurements and went out to buy the right length rope!
But he has now thrown it away!

I gave him the US hotline number but they told him that since he is in another country they cannot help him.
So I am talking to him on Skype. He is in so much pain.
Please send love.
Also, just as we go our daily lives, every 40 seconds someone dies of suicide.
Let us pray together for everyone who is suffering.

So, dear suffering family, whoever you are, wherever you are, please know that you matter, please know that you are loved even if you don’t know it, please know that you are not alone, please know that this too shall pass.

You too are my son and I send you love in Andrew’s name and my own.


4 thoughts on “He Was About To Hang Himself

  1. Dear Esmeralda, I send him my love and hope to hear from him that he is well in the future on your blog. My son also went on the internet and planned his hanging. He did it with great precision and we could not revive him. But everyone that is saved is a victory. The Skype hug line is a good idea. A big hug, Dave from Aoteaora.

  2. Dearest Dave, it is DO good to hear from you. I have created a group to support him. Do you have skype? Can I add you to the group as well? He is not out of the woods yet. I promised that anyone suffering is my son and that I’ll be here for them, and I am and I am also looking for others to join me so that ours are not just empty words. He wants to live but there is a dark side that is still highly present. He is in a country without much in the way of resources, my own daughter organized counseling over the internet. If there are counselor out there willing to donate their services or if there people willing to underwrite an internet counseling session, please let me know.
    I wait to hear from you
    Love from your survivor friend

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