He is alive

 Andrew and his big sister

I love this picture of Andrew

Our young friend in Asia who was about to kill himself at the beginning of last month, is well.
It took a few days of “staying” with him via Skype, but a life was saved thanks to… us, those of us who didn’t care that the young man lived in another continent, as our suicide hotline… they told him they couldn’t help him. But to me he was another mother’s precious son. To my daughter he was some one’s beloved brother. And to those of my friends who joined me on Skype, he was a suffering human being who needed love and support first, questions later.
Thank you everyone and thank you Skype!

Dave, you darling kiwi on the other side of the world, can you hear me? Our friend didn’t hang himself!
On the 3 or 4 I convinced him to speak to his mother, and then I asked him to please put his mother on! She was crying so hard, “you can help him now, hold him in your arms he needs you, he needs your love”
He is on medications now, he is seeing a counselor and has been able to give four out his final exams before graduation!

I would like to ask Skype to be our partners in the creation of a SKYPE HUG LINE (thank you Dave for coming up with the name)

I could not have spoken to him and his mother, had not had my own life “experience.” Being a suicide survivor made me “powerful”

I experienced so much and one day I will try to write it all down, from the beginning, my own beginning. But it is almost Christmas, my children have completely taken over making the tiramisu’ and soon we are going our to enjoy the Christmas scape.

Anybody suffering out there, please don’t give up. In your suffering you may not be aware of it, but there are people who love you and who would suffer for the rest of their lives if they lost you.

As for me, I’ve had my ups and down, I wish Andrew wasn’t… I look at his favorite ornaments on the tree and I remember where and when we bought them, the many Christmases when we all decorated the tree together, and opened presents together…
Yes, I love Christmas, I want my children to have a nice time, but it is no longer the same for me, I am no longer able to participate in decorating the tree, but when it is all done, and the house is quiet, and only the tree lights are on, I look at the decorations and go down memory lane with Andrew’s little hand firmly in mine.

Lots of love to everyone

4 thoughts on “He is alive

  1. That’s a beautiful photo of Andrew.
    How fortunate that mother is that you helped to save her son. Of course, I know that you wish that someone could have seen and understood that Andrew needed help.

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