Get Your Wellness On With Downton Abbey

The Cast Of "Downton Abbey"

The Cast Of Downton Abbey

(Picture from D.A. official site)

I know that I am veering dramatically from my normal theme. But the truth is that for me one way to
Get My Wellness On is through distractions such as Downton Abbey.

So, for those of you like me who couldn’t wait for the new season to begin, weren’t you a bit disappointed that we’ve jumped from seeing Dear Matthew thrown out bleeding from his car, at the end of last season, to the new season starting six months AFTER his death?

As for the under butler, didn’t he learned anything when he was down (and almost out) on his luck?
I can’t believe that he’s already up to his old scheming and conniving. After all that Mr. Bates has done for him, out of the goodness of his heart! Not only does the jerk not feel any gratitude for being saved from a fate worse than death, but he has the… can’t think of the word, to go after sweet, kind Mrs Bates; AKA Anna. Honestly! I’d like to give him a piece of my mind, see if he doesn’t get it after that!

Then; no sooner do we see the back of that old aggravating B…Witch, O’Brien, that in comes another piece of work! What’s her name… you know? Lady Grantham’s maid. In last season she was after Branson the chauffeur, but that’s when she was just a house maid. Now that she is Lady Grantham’s personal Maid, she’ll be after his Lordship himself!
Mark my words.

And what about that Lady Rose? I suspect she’s only there to aggravate us.

As for Nanny West, thank Goodness she’s been dispatched before she could really get on our nerves.

But Hail the Dowger.
Priceless, priceless, P R I C E L E S S Maggi Smith!

All in all I CAN’T wait for the next episode!

4 thoughts on “Get Your Wellness On With Downton Abbey

  1. I’m honestly not an shill, but you can catch up by instant watch there, either renting by episode or buying by season or for free with a Prime trial or subscription. I am doing just that and yes, I do believe in distraction or call it transporting oneself from one’s cares, at least for an instant in time. Very glad to know my PALS (person with ALS) already has netflix or I’d get her a subscription. I’m on season one, episode two so I will have to read your whole msg. after I catch up Esmeralda! I loved your subject line. Just got a fellow watcher the book. Looks good. ❤

    • Hello Virginia, so nice to hear from you. Enjoy your newly found Downton Abbey.
      West Wing was another distraction this past autumn winter. It did help me through some rough times.
      Happy New Year and a big hug

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