The Law Of Attraction, Andrew & I

Abraham-Hicks' CD, Moneu and the Law of Attraction, on a shelf in my Kitchen

Abraham-Hicks’ CD, “Money and the Law of Attraction” on a shelf in my Kitchen

"Andrew's home made CD" on the right

Andrew’s home made CD on the right

No description necessary - My Andrew!

No description necessary – My Andrew!

Marcia and I in Sicily - Dental screening with local children as part of the "Get Your Wellness On" 1st Italian Edition

Marcia and I in Sicily – Dental screening with local children as part of the Get Your Wellness On 1st Italian Edition

I heard from Andrew yesterday. He’s been quite active lately.

Manipulating energy is one of Spirit’s (AKA the “other side”) speciality.
For several days now, my bedside table lamp has taken to flickering in a morse-kind of code.
Sadly I do not know the morse code, and so I am trying to establish my own.
Something very simple, along the lines of nod for yes, except that in our case it is, flick once for no, and three times for yes.
We’ll see how well and how much we can chat in this way.

But when I said at the beginning that I heard from Andrew yesterday, I wasn’t talking about the flickering light.

I was in the kitchen cooking a delicious,healthy, vegetarian lunch (write for recipe if interested), when I remembered a conversation with my friend Marcia.
Over the phone the night before, Marcia had encouraged me to read a certain chapter of one of
Abraham-Hicks books.
Now, with only the onions chopped, and all the other vegetables on the other side of the chopping board, I thought this to be a good time to listen to the book’s corresponding CD:
Emotions and the Law of Attraction
Quickly rinsing and drying my hands, I made for the living room; then I stopped.
My mind drawn to the CD in the living room, and then “withdrawn” toward another of my Abraham-Hicks’ CDs: Money and the Law of Attraction. This particular CD has been sitting on a shelf in the kitchen since the time of Andrew’s death.

Those of you who have been reading my blog from the beginning, will know that the subject of the blog was about learning to work with the Law of Attraction. At the time I had set myself some goals which I wanted to manifest using, as I said, the Law of Attraction; then Andrew died!
That particular CD had been sitting on the same shelf in the kitchen, for over fours years. I’ve regularly dusted it but never listened to it.
Now I stood in the hallway frozen-like, for a few moments … this one or that one? The Power of Emotion and the Law of Attraction, or Money and the Law of Attraction? No, that one – no, this one…no, that one… until in the end I turned around, went back to the kitchen and took the CD from the shelf. When I took it out of the sleeve, I saw that there were two CDs, one from Abraham-Hicks, the other, a home-made CD with Andrew’s hand writing on the front of the disk:

Nightwish/Visions of Atlantis, After Forever, Eyes of Eden
BonJovi, Jackson

Yeah, exactly! I was stunned.

Oh Andrew, my heart cried!

You know? I always make a wish at night when I go to sleep.

A Nightwish

I wish, I wish, I wish!

3 thoughts on “The Law Of Attraction, Andrew & I

  1. Just want to remember you Esmeralda and family. I wrote as a medical student back in 2009 and 10 at nyu. Prego per la tua famiglia sempre. State bene!

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