Another Suicide at NYU

I don’t know what happened to the post I wrote earlier, nor to the picture I had posted.

Anyway, here’s a link an article about Lee Hai who died by suicide this past week-end at NYU

3 thoughts on “Another Suicide at NYU

  1. I can not access the post here with link to or summary of the story. Could be my oversight. If it isn’t here, I want to leave it to Esmeralda to provide it as some news stories are worse in terms of stupidity than others and the comments about them appalling for their lack of empathy so…I have replied to this terrible news at The Daily Mail, where, warning, the comments are so callous as to shock. So sorry to hear about the tragic loss of another promising young person to a complicated, but not unpreventable epidemic. I know this particularly affects those of you who have suffered the unspeakable grief Lee-Hai’s parents are left with. Thousands of youth are at-risk as was Lee-Hai.

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