"Neal's Yard Remedies"

Neal’s Yard Remedies

Dear Friends, I am SO excited!


and it is… it is… what words can I use to do it justice?
It is in keeping with my belief in holistic wellness; after all I am the Founder and Leader of “Get Your Wellness On”!
I know, you must be champing at the bit by now, to find out what I am talking about.
All of you Whole Foods, Raw and Sprouting foodies, juice cleansers etc.etc. aficionados will LOVE, love, love what I am offering….
It is the ever so Hot, Organic, Holistic, Sustainable, Wellness products by

Neal’s Yard Remedies.

I love EVERY one of these products, from the the Beauty Sleep Body Butter that calms and soothes skin and mind, to the full range of products for the younger as well as the bloomed (and wishing to stay that way), beauties of the world. And then there are the essential oils, the baths that soothe your inner child etcetera, etc. not to mention the organic super foods such Aztec cultivated Chia seeds just to mention one…
Okay friends, go and explore and know that when you order a product, you not only support me and my work but the planet as well.

So, go, order multiply and bee Well and Lovely

With Love and Gratitude

One thought on “Announcement

  1. Ciao Mamma Esmeralda. Ti penso sempre, and I want to say thank you for continuing to not just survive, but thrive! I am the medical student who is English Italian. I haven’t forgotten you. Wishing you and family the best. I have suffered loss in November twice and I’m comforted by your strength. I wish you well. All the best. Elisabetta. Mai abbandonati!

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